Tory’s Whiskey commercial, 1960s

I saw this commercial several years ago and have always found it fascinating.

First because the salaryman trying to relax after a hard day at the office has NINE glasses of whiskey!  By my count as least and certainly enough to knock most of us on our ass.  Second because it depicts a clear moment in Japan’s postwar history when advertisements were trying to educate and instill into a recently wealthy population the enjoyable aspects of afterwork drinking.  The man is tired, alone and sullen.  He enters the bar, drinks heavily, and leaves happy, flushed with life and vigor.  The simplicity of the ad is part of its brilliance and the message could not be more clear.


One response to “Tory’s Whiskey commercial, 1960s

  1. I love how the guy recovers color as he drinks…

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